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How do I set up Polaris

Polaris has a very sleek UI that is quite pleasing to operate, on top of their solid success, this is a very bot to use when it comes to botting their supported sites. Ranging from their dashboard to segregated tasks collection, you will definitely get a unique botting experience. 


Dashboard Window

Polaris Dashboard Window
On this window within Polaris, you can view the dashboard which contains some useful information for the user. Firstly, it will display the discord username as well as the expiry, on the other side of that box you can click onto the “My Account” button to head to the dashboard and logout the bot using the button below. On the right side of that box, you can view the version number as well as the changelog. Below that you can view your checkouts made within the bot illustrated on the diagram and below that you can view each individual checkout made.



Settings Window

Polaris Settings Window
On this window within Polaris, you can view the settings for the bot. You can enable a clock as well CLI, customizable, and checkout sounds. You can configure your captcha solvers, pre-solve and captcha are for the finish line. You can then configure your webhooks for both Discord and Slack, you can also test them too. Your delays can be configured too on this page and finally, on the right side, you can view the log for the bot.

Solvers Window

Polaris Solvers Window

On this window, within Polaris, you can view and create solvers to be used within Polaris with your tasks. You can create a solver using the “create solver” button in the bottom left as well as remove all solvers using the button alongside it. Once you have created a solver it will appear on the screen under the section's name, proxy, and actions associated with that solver.


Tasks Window

Polaris Tasks Window

In this window, you can view and create tasks within Polaris. It is important to note that in this screenshot, the module selected is Supreme which is reflected above at the top, when you create tasks they will appear in the task section with details about the individual task displayed for you to view. You can add tasks with the button on the bottom left and on the bottom row, there are a few collective buttons such as starting, stopping, and editing all your tasks.

Supported Sites
Adidas / Yeezy Supply
Finishline / JS Sports US


Polaris has a ton of support available for all of its users to ensure that you are comfortable when running their bot. They have written documentation within their discord which helps you run the bot as well as a support team ready to assist you.

Where does Polaris rank among other AIO bots?

Polaris is a very solid bot and that is reflected well with its success as well as its after-market value. This bot is definitely one that will not disappoint you and you will be able to attain large success on their supported sites. There are definitely better bots in the market however, Polaris is something that is talked about when it comes to big drops.


Download Link: 

Bind your key at https://polaris.yzylab.com/


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