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How do I set up Eve AIO


  • 1) Dashboard / Interface
  • 2) Task Creation
  • 3) Supported Stores
  • 4) Success
  • 5) Profiles
  • 6) Notifications
  • 7) Captcha
  • 8) Proxies
  • 9) Log
  • 10) Settings
  • 11) Download link


I / Dashboard and Interface

Upon opening the bot, you’ll be greeted with the dashboard page. This is where you’ll primarily spend your time while the bot is in operation.

New Task – Here you can create new Eve tasks on all the platforms the bot supports.

Quick task (can also be triggered by using the F1 key) – This function allows you to quickly create a task, by importing most of the task settings from your stored quick task settings contained within the "Settings" tab. All you’ll need to do is provide a URL (for convenience, the latest item on your clipboard will be auto-pasted) and optionally adjust the task number and task quantity. Please see the dedicated article for more details on this function.

Main Actions:

  • Start tasks – This will start all selected tasks. Clicking this again will pause a task, which preserves the task's session and whatever state it is in prior to pausing.
  • Stop tasks – This will stop all selected tasks.
  • Edit Task | Mass Edit – If 1 task is selected this will allow you to edit the said task. If multiple tasks are selected, you can conveniently mass edit any required settings on all selected tasks. Note: only selected tasks from the same platform can be mass edited.
  • Duplicate tasks – This allows you to make a copy of the selected task/s
  • Delete tasks – This will erase any selected tasks.
  • Presets – Please refer to Presets article.

Individual task buttons: (numbered 1-4 in the above screenshot)

  • 1 – Start task (when clicked, the icon will change to a pause sign. Clicking again will pause the task and preserve the task’s session and status)
  • 2 – Stop task
  • 3 – Edit task
  • 4 – Delete task

Task Right-Click Settings: (those not mentioned have the same function as 'Main Actions' buttons)

  • Start Group – This will start ALL tasks of the same platform, regardless of which tasks are selected.
  • Stop Group – This will stop ALL tasks of the same platform, regardless of which tasks are selected.
  • New Task – This opens the task creation window with all settings pre-filled from the highlighted task, allowing for the fast creation of similar tasks.
  • Select All – This will select ALL tasks, regardless of the platform.
  • Mass Link Change – This will change the link of ALL tasks running on the same site, regardless of which task/s are selected. E.g. If 2 Kith tasks, 1 Undefeated task, and 1 Eastbay task are selected and you mass link change with a Kith link, ONLY the 2 Kith tasks will be affected by the function and have their link changed.
  • Schedule Start – This allows you to schedule the exact time you’d like your selected task/s to start.
  • Schedule Stop – This allows you to schedule the exact time you’d like your selected task/s to stop. You can also schedule a stop time on tasks that are currently on their scheduled start countdown.
  • Presets – Coming soon!
  • Prepare session – For platforms/task modes that require a browser/manual checkout completion at some stage, this feature allows you to pre-open the browser (and/or even pre-login to your PayPal account) and save valuable seconds on checkout time.
  • Log – This allows you to view the task logs of the specific task you’ve selected.

Tip: if you’d like to edit the link of only SOME of the tasks running a particular website, then selecting the desired tasks and using the “Edit Task | Mass Edit” button is better than the “Mass Link Change” button since only your selected tasks will be affected by the change.

Hot Keys

F1 – Quick Task

F2 – Mass Link Change


II / Task Creation

Creating tasks in EveAIO X is incredibly straightforward. Simply select the site platform from the dropdown list and proceed to fill out the required fields. Individual Shopify sites appear in their own predefined list when the Shopify platform is selected, this is where you’ll find Kith, Undefeated, and Palace for example.


III / Supported Stores


IV / Success

This page allows you to quickly and easily view your tasks that have been checked out, along with some information about the checkout such as the time, item price, and even the checkout proxy.

Task Status Columns:

Login – Except for tasks ran on platforms where account login is mandatory, you will always see a grey “?” here.

Carting – This allows you to know at a glance if a task managed to cart or not. A successfully carted task will have a green tick.

Checkout – This will quickly inform you as to whether a task has successfully checked out or not. A successful checkout will have a green tick. To confirm whether a task has truly been successful, look for a charge and email to the profile that you used.


Question mark – This symbol can mean that either a task has not reached that stage yet (e.g. “?” in the Checkout column right after a task has carted), the stage is ignored completely (e.g. Login column on tasks not requiring login), or that an unknown error has occurred/the status of the task is not known.

Tick – This symbol means that the task has completed this stage in the checkout process. In regards to the ‘Checkout’ column, a pink tick indicates that manual checkout completion is required.

Cross – This symbol means that the task has failed to complete this stage in the checkout process.

NOTE: These tasks statuses are vague by nature and are only meant to be used to quickly gauge how your tasks are performing at a glance. Should you require more information (e.g. the reasoning for a failed add to cart or checkout) then please refer to the task logs.

Main Actions:

  • Screenshot – This takes a screenshot of the bot window, allowing you to post your success easily in your relevant cookgroup servers/Twitter.
  • Post Success – Use this if you'd like to post your success in the Eve Discord server anonymously.
  • Clear Success List – This will clear all information on the Success tab.


V / Profiles

On this page, you will be able to create your checkout profiles for use on the websites you plan to run in Eve.

Main Actions:

  • Add – This will bring up the profile creation window, allowing you to enter your address and card details to create your profiles.
  • Edit – This allows you to make changes to your selected profile.
  • Delete – This allows you to erase the selected profile/s.
  • Duplicate – This allows you to easily make a copy of your selected profile/s.

Individual profile buttons: (numbered 1-3 in the above screenshot)

  • 1 – Edit profile
  • 2 – Duplicate profile
  • 3 – Delete profile

Tip: You can re-order your profiles by selecting a profile and then use the CTRL + Arrow Up/Down keys to change the profile position in the list.


Profile creation – Important functions:

  • Shipping info same as Billing info – If you’re using a shipping address that is different from your card’s billing address (e.g. reshipper, friend’s house) you can untick this box and have the ability to enter the different shipping address. This is advisable to avoid fraud-based declined by your card issuer.
  • Profile Based Sizing – This is an advanced feature that won’t be necessary for most users. However, you should wish that a particular profile only goes for a certain size/range of sizes on any platform you use it on, this can be configured here. This feature can be beneficial to those running slots for clients or friends.

  • One Checkout Per Website – This feature allows you to set Eve to automatically stop all additional tasks running the same profile once 1 task successfully checks out on that website.

    Note: this feature has its limitations, if you run too many tasks on the same profile and multiple reaches submitting orders at the same time, there is a HIGH likelihood that multiple tasks will complete checkout.

To combat this, it’s best that the above feature is combined with the following user actions:

  1. Transaction limits the card used for that profile so that it can only checkout 1 or your desired number of items.
  2. If not possible, then use a card on the profile with only enough money loaded for the number of checkouts you wish to make.

Miscellaneous functions:

  • Shuffle button – This will create a random first and last name combination, as well as entering fake card details with valid formatting. This is useful for quickly creating a test profile.


VI / Notifications

On this page, you can set up Eve to notify you of any successful checkouts via your chosen platform. This is particularly handy for when you have left Eve unattended (i.e. on a server running restocks) and cannot be there to physically check the bot client.

The most common platform used by users for notifications is Discord, given both the simplicity of webhook set up and since many people are already familiar with the platform and use it for multiple other bot/cook group servers.


VII / Captcha

This is where you’ll be able to set up your captcha solver windows and login to your gmails, allowing you to solve any captcha requests that are sent from a website. It is important that you set up these solver windows correctly, as the speed and ease of the captchas you solve are essential to improving checkout chances. We recommend that each captcha solver window is logged into with a unique Google account and that you do not have more than 2 solvers running on the same IPNote: If the proxy field (circled red below) is left blank, the solver is using your local IP.

To log in to your Google account, start off by clicking on the large “+” button.

From there, you can name your captcha solver as something memorable (i.e. a nickname of the email address). You should then toggle the button above the name field to the right, enabling the captcha solver window (the button will be pink when enabled).

After enabling, the captcha solver window should automatically open. You’ll be greeted with 3 buttons; YouTube, Google, and Clear Cache/IP. Before doing anything else, if you desire to log in on a chosen proxy, paste the proxy (in ip:port:user:pass format) in the proxy field and hit the ‘Set’ button. Next, click the ‘Google’ button to be brought to the login page. After logging into your chosen Gmail, click the refresh symbol in the top left corner of the captcha solver window. You’re now ready to handle websites with captcha!

Tip: We recommend that you login to as many solvers as you have individual, high-quality gmails for as more solvers ensure that more tasks can solve captcha at the same time, thus increasing your chances of checkout. Additionally, we suggest logging into a maximum of 2 Gmails per IP (this includes local IP too) to avoid being flagged by Google for suspected automation.


VIII / Proxies

Proxies are a crucial element to successful botting. Their purpose is to both shield your IP from the websites you’re running, as well as allowing you to run an increased number of tasks and lower delays, giving you a competitive edge.

EveAIO X allows you to create as many proxy lists as you desire, allowing you to store your various proxies from different providers and/or locations easily. These proxies can then be applied to your tasks by selecting the corresponding list from the dropdown in the task settings.

Main Actions:

  • Add – This will open a window allowing you to create a new proxy list.
  • Edit – This allows you to edit your previously created proxy list. From here you can re-test, add, remove or rename your proxy list.
  • Delete – This allows you to delete the selected proxy list/s.
  • Duplicate – This allows you to make a copy of the selected proxy list/s.


IX / Log

The log page enables you to quickly see how a task is performing at a glance, allowing you to spot any errors and attempt to fix them, or report to Eve staff in the discord server if you believe there’s a bug. As this is a global task log, when multiple tasks are running it can become messy and hard to track which log entries refer to which task. Therefore, we don’t recommend the usage of the log tab during drops, and rather the task-specific logs instead, which can be accessed by right-clicking a task on the dashboard.

  • Auto-Scroll – If enabled, the logs page will automatically scroll as the page fills with entries.
  • Resume/Pause – By default, the log page is paused. To see log entries, you’ll need to click the button to resume the logs. To pause the logs simply press the button again.
  • Clear Log – This button will clear all text from the log.


X / Settings

This page of the bot contains the vast majority of the fine-tuning settings for Eve. It may appear slightly confusing at a glance, but it is all very straightforward.

  • Import/Export - This will allow you to save and export/load in all settings configured on this page. Very ideal for when moving your Eve copy between devices and you want to quickly restore your previous settings.
  • Check For Update – This will check for any updates for Eve, and proceed to download and install them if available. The bot’s version number is displayed below this button. The Eve discord has a dedicated channel to updates which states the latest bot version, so you can also use this to tell when you may have an update pending. A lot changes in a short amount of time so we recommend that you ALWAYS have your EveAIO X updates to the latest version.
  • Renew – If you have an EveAIO X renewal license then click this button to quickly and easily renew your license via our dashboard. EveAIO X Lifetime license holders are not required to do this.
  • Automatic Log Cleaner – If enabled, this will clear all entries on the Log tab every ‘X’ minutes. Note: this does NOT clear your actual log files found in the EveAIO X installation directory.
  • Localization – Change the language of EveAIO X to any of the supported options.
  • Deactivate – This will deactivate EveAIO X and the bot will close.
  • 1 Checkout Per Site Reset  This resets the 'One Checkout Per Website' counter for any profile/s with this setting enabled that have already checked out, allowing them to check out once more.
  • Default Retry Delay - This is the default delay range that will appear during task creation
  • Sound Notifications – For each box that’s ticked, the bot will make a doorbell sound when that particular notification criterion is met.

Miscellaneous Settings:

  • Collapse Tasks on Startup – This will collapse all tasks down to their various platforms when the bot is opened, which can make it easier to see and edit particular tasks.
  • Close Task Window on Saving – This will close the task creation/task edit window when you click the ‘Save’ button instead of keeping the window open for further task creation or editing.
  • Share Success – This setting allows you to opt into sharing your successful checkouts in the #shared-success-optional Eve Discord server channel. This sharing will be completely anonymous and void of any identifying order information.
  • Open Log Location – This will open the directory where EveAIO X's logs are stored in Windows Explorer.
  • Open EveAIO Location  This will open the directory where EveAIO X is installed in Windows Explorer.


XI/Download Link



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