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How do I setup Cybersole


  1. Overview
  2. SKUs, Variant IDs, Keywords, and Product Links

  3. Billing
  4. Delays
  5. Quick Tasks
  6. Discord Webhooks
  7. Proxies
  8. Accounts
  9. Shipping Rates
  10. Captcha
  11. Servers
  12. MacOS 
  13. Common Errors
  14. Tips and Tricks
  15. Download link


1. Overview:

  • Cybersole supported stores are:

    Supreme (US, EU, JP)
    Supreme In StoreSignups
    JD Group (Finishline, JD Sports US)
    Footsites (Footlocker US, Kids Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champs Sports, Footlocker CA)
    Shoe Palace
    Footlocker EU
    Footlocker AU
    Footlocker SG, MO, MY
    Sidestep NL, DE
    Mesh (Footpatrol, Size?, The Hip Store, JD Sports)
    MrPorter, Net-A-Porter
    Kicks Store
    Hot Topic
    Box Lunch

  • Link Installation: 

2. SKUs, Variant IDs, Keywords, and Product Links

  • What are product links?:
    A product link is a text you have in the search bar of your browser.
  • What are keywords?:
    Product keywords are the words that will define your product (most of the time, keywords are the product title). Positive keywords are the ones you want to keep, negative are the ones you want to avoid.

  • What is variant ID?:
    A Variant ID is another way for a Shopify store to keep track of inventory, and more specifically sizes for products.
  • What is SKU?:
    SKU stands for 'Stock Keeping Unit' - It's used by stores to keep track of inventory. To find the SKU of the product, look at the end of any mesh product link. For Footpatrol, it is "SKU_footpatrolcom". You will want to copy the whole SKU, including the “_footpatrolcom” following it as
    well. Other sites will just have the SKU at the end.


3. Billing

In the billing tab, you will have this

You will need to implement your billing profiles here


4. Delays

Retry Delay is essentially the error/checkout delay - This is the amount of time CyberAIO waits before trying to cart the item and checkout again. This runs on the proxy you have attached (Be it manually or auto-assign) to your specific task.


We suggest using around 300/400ms on your retry delay at the start of a release then increasing it on the fly if you wish to run for restocks.

Monitor Delay is the delay in which CyberAIO scans the website for the keyword/link/variant/sku to be fully active.

We measure this delay in ms (milliseconds) - We suggest using around 400/500 ms on your monitor delay at the start of a release and then changing it a few minutes in if you wish to run for restocks.


Cyber rotates the proxies in your Proxy tab to monitor the website to avoid the risk of bans so you always have the best chance of picking up the item the moment it goes live.



The time (in seconds) that the bot will wait for the website to load before retrying. This is useful for proxies that get throttled. A recommended timeout delay is 30-60 seconds. 


5. Quick Tasks

To chose your quick tasks:

You can choose to click on the heart so you will use them all for QT or click on the pencil and tick the "Use for Quick Task"

6. Discord Webhooks

  • What is a webhook?:
    A webhook is a programmed tool used by bots to send a message whenever it checkouts or no

  • How to create a webhook?:


7. Proxies

Go in the "Proxies" tab and you can add your proxies


8. Accounts

Click on "Add Accounts" and you will have this

It will allow you to log in to your accounts from different stores. You can important import accounts from a file (excel file). If it's successful, you will have this:


9. Shipping Rates

This functionality is very useful to decrease checkout time (you won't have to tick on the shipping method) since you can preload it. Click on "Add Rates" and you will have this.

Product URL: Simply visit the website you’re creating the rate profile for and copy/paste any product URL from the store to the pop-up window on CyberAIO.

Shipping Rate ID: To manually locate a shipping rate ID you must visit the store on your browser and add any item to the cart, then navigate to the shipping method selection stage of the checkout then click “CTRL”+”SHIFT”+”I” then click “CTRL”+”F” and type in ‘radio-wrapper’. Upon doing this you will find a string of code similar to below.

10. Captcha

Captcha is a method from most websites to confirm you are not a robot. When you will checkout, there will be a pop-up like this: 

Cybersole offers up to 10 windows for your captcha harvesters, so you will solve them there. It's very important to have it enabled so you don't mess with any captchas. Have it enable 1 to 2 hours before the drop time so it's warm-up for you.


11. Servers

You should aim to have your server located as close to the site's servers as possible. For example - since Shopify's servers are located in Ottowa, people like to use servers located in places like Chicago, New York, and Virginia. 

We recommend you use Google servers.


12. Mac OS

You can use a Windows Virtual Server on Mac, or buy Parallels Desktop and a Windows license so you will be able to run Cybersole on your Mac device.


13. Common Errors

  • Captcha solver blank

    Go through %appdata% after going in the Windows menu bar (Win + R), then go to the Cyber folder and delete the "packages" folder. Restart and it should work.
  • "There was an error checking your key"

    1. Close CyberAIO
    2. Go to %appdata% -> CyberAIO 4.0
    3. Open the 'settings’ file with a text editor
    4. If the license key field is set to 'null' replace 'null' with your license key in double-quotes (eg. "mylicensekey") and save the file

  • Retrying in 10 seconds loop

    - Head over to http://time.is/  and be sure your time shows "Exact" in the top left. If it's off by a lot, search "Change the date and time" in Windows and tick "Set time automatically" off then on.

    - Ensure you aren't on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012. Run Windows Server 2016 from now on instead.

    - If that fails, try flushing your DNS via CMD. Search "CMD" in Windows, right-click and hit "Run as administrator". From the prompt, type “ipconfig /flushdns”.

    - Lastly, if all else fails and on a server, terminate it then recreate it.

14. Tips and tricks


  • Fast - start at least 5 minutes before the release
  • Safe Preload - start some tasks around 5 minutes before then start some around 1-2 minutes before the drop
  • Safe - start as close to the release as possible
  • Manual - start as close to the release as possible


  • Fast - start at least 10 seconds before the drop
  • Safe - start around 20 seconds before the drop

Footsites: start at least 20 minutes before the drop, Cyber will then pick up the countdown and wait for the release

Pop-out Delay Box:
If you navigate to the Settings page and click the small icon beside the Delay options, the box will then pop-out into a movable window so you can update delays without navigating to the Settings screen again. Delays are updated on the fly so you don’t need to do anything once you’ve adjusted them.

Mobile Captcha Solving:
With the new companion application, you will be alerted when a captcha is needed to be solved. You can then solve that captcha on your mobile itself if you’re not at your desk.

Purchase Proxies inside CyberAIO:
On the Proxies screen you now have the ability to purchase proxies directly from Cybersole LTD, these are instantly activated and added to your proxy list for convenience. This is perfect for last-minute releases and shock drop tasks.

Keyword Sets:
If you separate a keyword with a “/” CyberAIO will recognize this as an “OR” instead of an “AND”. For example, if you used “Yeezy,350/700” - CyberAIO will try to find a product with the keywords“Yeezy” and “350” or “700”.

Google Account Saving:
Google Accounts are now saved automatically once you’ve clicked “Add Account” on the harvester, you can now simply select the account from the drop-down to apply it to the active solver window. You will no longer need to relog into any accounts as they’re now stored permanently.

Shipping Rates:
By applying shipping rates you can drastically increase the speed of the checkout process on Shopify stores. We strongly recommend you do this as it can be the difference between a decline and a successful checkout.

Task Selection:
On the task screen, you can now hold SHIFT or CTRL Select to choose numerous tasks to start/stop, edit or delete.

Task Right Click:
Users can now right-click task(s), profiles and shipping rates to launch a small right-click window that has numerous options including cloning.

To perform a mass link change you can simply click ‘F1’ on your keyboard as a handy shortcut. To launch a Quick Task pop-up window you can click ‘F2’ on your keyboard instead.

You can click the ‘Heart’ icon on profiles and proxy lists to use them as default profiles and lists for Quick Tasks.


15. Download Link



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