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How much money do I need to get started?

Don't know how much money you should start your adventure of selling online? Let us help you!

If you fit into any of these tiers, we'd confidently say you have enough money to get started: 
Tier 1: $50-250$
Tier 2: 250-500$
Tier 3: 500-1000$+

• For T1, we recommend that you only go for very profitable releases (+100$ profit) with low risk (3/10 or less) since you don't have enough money for more than one or two releases. Your budget will increase after some profitable purchases, so only go for that. 

• For T2, your budget is slightly better than T1, so you can go for more releases with more risk (4-5/10 or less), or buy multiple of the same release if it's profitable for you. You can focus on different items that are releasing but save enough money for the next releases in the process.


• For T3, your budget is perfect for selling online. You have enough to rapidly acquire items whilst taking risks that could pay off. Any products up to 8/10 in risk could be worth going for. The more money you have, the more risk you can take with your sourcing activities. 

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