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I purchased a product from a retailer but it hasn’t been shipped

Did you get secure the latest release? Great job. But it hasn't been shipped and you are worried about it? Here are the main solutions:

  • It's the first time I order and I don't know what to do.
    FIX: Check your mails (even spam & junk folders). It is maybe hidden inside these categories.

    (Click on Spam if you're on Gmail)

  • I ordered and got an email, but nothing is shipped yet
    FIX: Check shipping delays on the website you want. For example, on ShoePalace, go to the footer, and click on Shipping :


    When you are on the page, scroll a little bit and you should have shipping delays:

    If your package has not arrived in the days told by the website, you must call them so you are sure they are still processing the order / they didn't ship it to someone else. You can call them if they have a number or email / do a live chat with them.

    Most of the time, if your order isn't shipped yet, it's due to a lot of orders (and combined with the pandemic, it's a little bit longer than usual). So please before acting angry with their services, check your order status (frequently with a mail they are sending to you right after your purchase)

    Note: It happened with Supreme, I ordered a tee on Thursday (drop day) and the email came like on the next Monday (4 days) so yeah don't stress about it. If you got debited, it's all right.


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