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My products aren’t selling

You bought a product, but it doesn't sell? Here are the main tips for you to turn them into riches.

  • My products aren’t selling
    FIX: Use every marketplace you can have in your country to maximize the chances of your products selling.

Here are our recommendations on platforms you can use to begin getting sales fast:

- eBay

eBay is a great place to sell fashion, collectibles, electronics, tickets and more. Being one of the most popular marketplaces, you should be listing almost all of your inventory on this website.


- Amazon

The world's most used marketplace and retailer, Amazon, is perfect for selling your inventory to customers for increased margins. Buyers are willing to pay a premium so don’t miss out on extra profits.


- Shopify

Shopify is for resellers who want to build a clientele. Using Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, you can sell products directly to your followers with your very own Shopify website.

- StockX

If you resell fashion or collectible items then StockX is essential. Similarly to Goat, StockX allows buyers and sellers to place bids and asks, creating a real-time market for in-demand items.stockx.PNG

- Goat

For sneaker and streetwear resellers, Goat offers a unique format where you don't have to wait around for someone to buy, you can instantly sell your items to the highest bidder and get paid as soon as it arrives.


- Vinted

-Facebook Marketplace

- Grailed

Of course, there are more marketplaces but we gave you some we are using. Otherwise, you can try to sell in specialized stores (in France, there is Clockers, very famous sneakers, and streetwear reseller).

  • I don't know how to sell on my socials
    FIX: Use a professional Instagram account, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. These are very powerful socials that can be used for reselling purposes.

    Make sure you are taking good and attractive pictures, so people will tend to DM you. Don't forget to mention your price, size of the article, proofs of purchase, and your tag on the picture, since people don't want to be scammed by someone else. 

    I tried TikTok to see how many people can see my videos and I was surprised about how much they were (about 500 after a day) so if you are using hashtags correctly, people will share your content, and opportunities to sell will be higher.

    You can do some sponsored posts so Instagram / Twitter will highlight them so more people can see them, but don't use them if you are only beginning. 

    Also, be friendly with your customer, even if he's acting arrogant or angry, show him that you have respect for your clients.

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