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How much is Juiced?

Juiced is currently a fixed $50 US dollars per month with no additional fees.


However with the release of our new app, we intend to incorporate the following new pricing structure in the next 90 days. This new pricing will bill users based on their usage of our platform and their needs.


Starter - $25 per month Pro - $50 per month Unlimited - $75 per month
3% per sale 2.5% per sale 1.9% per sale
3 Connected Marketplaces 5 Connected Marketplaces Unlimited Marketplaces
All Product Categories All Product Categories All Product Categories
20 Websites 200 Websites Unlimited Websites
No Release Calendar Basic Release Calendar  Advanced Release Calendar
No Autocheckout Basic Autocheckout Advanced Autocheckout
No Data Export Up to 60 days Data Export Unlimited Data Export
Up to 30 days Analytics Up to 60 days Analytics Unlimited Analytics
Email & Live Chat  Email, Live Chat & Community Access Email, Live Chat, Community Access & 1-1 Calls
Beginner Tutorials All Tutorials All Tutorials + Bonus Videos


Please note, existing subscribers prior to this change will remain on the same monthly pricing of $50 per month but will automatically begin getting charged for sale fees upon this change going live. It should be noted that all subscriptions and fees are currently only supported in either US dollars at $50/m, GB pounds at £40/m or EU euros at €45/m. If you are outside of the USA, the UK or Europe, you will by default be charged in US dollars which will on your bank account be converted using whatever conversion rate is relevant at the time.


Want to learn more? Go to our website to see what we offer or contact us with any questions you have.

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